I have to warn you – in this blog post, I’m going to be talking about my pee.

So, at Thursday’s midwife appointment I had slightly elevated blood pressure from my previous readings (118/85) and + protein in my pee for the first time. So that was enough for the midwife to have a chat with me about pre-eclampsia, and since then I’d been silently freaking out about it.

I had decided not to test my pee or blood pressure over the weekend, but I couldn’t stand wondering if everything was okay and if the results at the appointment were just off for some reason. Anyway, three BP readings this morning – first was a little higher, still, but then the next two were perfectly fine as far as I can tell (108/77 and 112/76). So I thought, okay. Let’s check my pee for protein. And it was negative! Not even trace, man.

I had suspected that maybe I had contaminated the pee strip when I did it at the appointment, and later I read you’re supposed to pee on it mid-stream, which I didn’t. Anyway, I took a risk doing that test today because I know I’d have been a mess if it had said there was still protein – but there wasn’t, and I feel SO relieved. God.

I mean, I know the symptoms of PE can come on pretty quickly, and I know I could still develop it further down the line. But for now, as far as I can tell, everything is okay.


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