40 weeks pregnant

So, I’m still pregnant. Here’s me, yesterday, on my due date:

40 weeks pregnant

I’d been quite excited over the last couple of days, thinking that surely something would happen. Yesterday was my due date, after all! I knew that due dates don’t really mean anything, but I couldn’t help but hope that somehow it’d be spot on for me. But nope, I’ve gone into the realm of being overdue, and there’s nothing to do but wait and hope that something eventually kicks off.

I’ve still had absolutely no signs that anything’s about to happen, and it’s frustrating. I’ve had no contractions or gross stuff coming out from down there – the only thing I’ve noticed is that my bump has definitely got lower, which is a good sign – but that doesn’t mean that labour is imminent, exactly…

Maybe I need to try harder – more walking, more ball bouncing. I feel like my body just doesn’t know what it’s supposed to do next. It’s done really well at the being-pregnant part, and now it’s confused. Will the contractions ever start?

The midwife is doing a sweep on Monday, and then I have a week before I suppose they’ll induce me. I wish things would just start. I don’t know how to make them start.

I mean, the good news is that I’ve had zero pain, no back pain, no pelvic pain – although I do feel pretty achy and stiff in my pelvis if I’ve been sitting a lot, or if I’ve been bouncing on the ball. If I walk too much I tend to feel a little bit crampy down there, but it goes away after a little while and then I’m fine again. But yeah, on the whole I feel absolutely fine – just huge.

Anyway, I officially started my maternity leave on Monday. I felt very guilty about staying home on that first day, while M. went off to work without me. I’ve started to adjust a little bit more, and for the last couple of days I’ve been working on knitting the Baby Sophisticate cardigan. It’s coming along pretty well so far:

Baby Sophisticate Cardigan

I wonder if I’ll get it finished before the baby comes? As you can probably tell, I’m driving myself a little bit crazy with wondering when things are going to start. I even tried to tempt fate by eating all of my labour snacks. Didn’t work. I’ve bought some more snacks, will probably start working on those tomorrow.

Anyway, I know I should just be patient. There’s no rush. I mean, sometimes it feels like there is, what with M’s parents visiting from the states in a few weeks… Oh, and how M. will have to rearrange his leave unless something happens very soon. And how I really don’t want to be induced…

Well, that’s all I can manage to write. I’m in bed, but it’s hot in here and I’m pretty uncomfortable. Stay tuned for my ’41 weeks pregnant’ blog post this time next week…


12 thoughts on “40 weeks pregnant

  1. Wishing you all the luck in the world for when it happens. Love your experience with babies: “Held one briefly about 10 years ago.” That is all about to change!

  2. Love the cardigan, absolutely gorgeous. I posted something similar when I was a day overdue and my son was born at half six that evening. You just never know :-) best of luck #PoCoLo

  3. Ah. Good luck! I’m right behind you. 34.5 weeks and feeling like a whale!

    With my first I went 11 days overdue and I can certainly empathise with how you are feeling.

    I had 3 x sweeps which did nothing… Baby was not interested.

    What did work better and was much more pleasant was 2 x reflexology sessions. I went into labour about 24 hours after the second session and gave birth 8 hours before I was due in for induction.

    I can’t be sure the reflexology was the cause of the labour, may have just been cooincidence, but it was more fun than the sweeps!

    Other than that, enjoy your knitting and look forward to next week’s post … Be it “still going” or “baby is here!”

  4. Exciting times… not long, now! Try to rest as much as you possibly can. You are so close to meeting your little baby. Looking forward to the good news. Mel #PoCoLo

  5. I think every mum has a photo like this! Hopefully by the time you read this, you’ll have given birth. Mind you, I think I said that last week too! Good luck! #PoCoLo

    (Hope you don’t mind me asking here. Have you seen the new #FamilyFriday link? – http://bit.ly/1lHRvFd This post would fit in well there, too!)

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